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My logos' stories [part. 1]

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I keep saying all the time that I must write a post to summarize my logos, but I just have no time. Since the next exam is not so urgent, I decided to relax by blogging just now.

Ok, let's talk about my logos. This is just the Part 1.


My first logo can be traced back to the year 2007, when I was still in high school. I like photography so I want to show my lovely photos to others. At that time, I noticed every good photo always has a brilliant logo! And a good logo even makes the photo better and more impressive. So I spent soooo much time to create my own logo, just want it in my style.

Then, it was born.

flower logo
The "flower" is made by 5 word Os.

Besides logo, I also designed the way that signature shows. In my understanding, logo is different from signature. OK, let me explain this.

Logo is a basic thing. Then with it, we can design our signatures or something else that can show the copyright. So I added some words and also typed my blog address.

PS: It is a pity that this blog is no longer available. The worse thing is I deleted most of the old posts.

flower signature
Taken on Hongkou campus, Shanghai International Studies University.


In the year 2010, I changed my logo. I found another featured font and made the logo look slim.

This design comes from the extraordinary coincidence that my English name has 3 same letters. So I considered, could I use this amazing coincidence? The answer is an absolute yes.

slimmer logo
Notice the 3 big same letters. They form a positive word which is CAN.
slimmer signature
Taken at my grandmother's home by Nikon D90.
another layout of signature
After that, I changed the layout of my signature, but the logo remained the same.
another layout of signature
Taken at home by Nikon D90.

2021-01-18友情更新:虽然这篇文章没有part 2,但我最终还是完成了logo总结。传送门>>「我的logo们(一)」

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